Friday, June 4, 2010

Schools almost out!

And the boys are super excited! They are having all kinds of fun activities at school, like Field Day and Fun in the Sun Day. The 5th grade is even taking a trip to the skating rink for the day on Monday. That should be fun. Also wrapping up the school year was the Drama Clubs performance of "The Emperor's New Clothes". Drew was Huey Kazooie, part of the orchestra.
Then, on May 25th I had a birthday. Let's just say I turned 29 - again! (wink, wink!) We had a small party at my sister's house with wonderful food, family and my best friend. She made me the cutest gift - an "Everything 40" gift basket!
There was $40, 40 ounces of chocolate, 40 reasons to NOT start my diet, 40 brads for scrapbooking and a cute little treasure chest of 40 hopes, dreams and wishes. It was perfect! We all had a wonderful night.

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Dixie Cochran said...

Love the basket! Awesome gift!

Wendy said...

Michel did a great job with that basket! I enjoyed having them join us for dinner.

Pam said...

Cool gift!