Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baa Moo Farm!

Today I spent the day with the Gabe's first grade class at the Baa Moo Farm! In case you haven't been it's a wonderful farm near Statesville that has lots of things to see and do. The kids got to milk a cow, gather eggs, go on a wagon ride, and pet lots of animals. Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

There were lots of baby animals, including brand new kittens. All the kids loved the kittens! There was even a Peacock who displayed his feathers for us. Okay, maybe he was displaying them for the peahen who was in the pin with him.

When it was time to milk the cow, the lady helping told all the kids to sit a certain way on the stool and be prepared to jump up and run if the cow kicks. I think that talked several kids out of milking the cow! And she had to jerk several kids out of the way of the cow's back hoof. Anyway, Gabe wanted nothing to do with any of it. His teacher finally talked him into just sitting on the stool - and of course the cow kicked! The lady got him out of the way and I'm not even sure he knew what happened but he just wanted away from that cow.

Gabe didn't mind feeding the baby calves their bottle. They could be a little pushy but they were so cute.

Everyone had a wonderful time.

Thank you Baa Moo Farms!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring! Wait, no. SUMMER!

Somehow, I missed Spring. Or that one week of nice, comfortable temps was it. It's suddenly Summer! And it's only April 6th! What happened? Not that I'm complaining but the pollen is so bad because of the unusually wet winter and short spring.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures mostly for my family and friends who live outside of NC. You are missing some beautiful trees and flowers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy teaching classes at my lss and with some up-coming stuff at church. But I did get to spend lots of time in my studio today (Easter Sunday!) and have made more cards from scraps. Hope you enjoy!!
I think this is my favorite. The background is white embossing over a very pale purple (looks blue for some reason). The white panel is from a class I taught months ago. The ribbon I've had for ages and the bird is from a new Tim Holtz die covered in paper that I've had forever. Just one of those times where everthing came together to make a lovely card. Oh, and the bling is just pearls colored with a Copic! Love it!

Once again, just bits and pieces I've had laying around. The flowers are punched from paper embossed with white Zing powder.

More bits and pieces....

what's left of the previous card's bits and pieces....

This is actually for last Sunday's OWH challenge. But again, just using stuff I have had for quite a while.

This one I actually did on St. Patrick's Day. I've never really done cards for St. Patrick's Day but I had these pieces of cardstock and they went really well with this bit of pp and once again, poof! Beautifuf card! Love using up my scraps!!

Now, go create something today!! And I challenge you to do it with nothing but SCRAPS!

Hoppy Easter!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! And remember the Lord has risen!

Our Easter started off at 6:30am when the boys woke up and wanted to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. I didn't get a picture of it this year but the boys each got a chocolate bunny, Drew got a Nerf football and Gabe got 2 Star Wars action figures. Both were very happy.

Then we were off to church. Jeff and the boys attended the service while I help set up for a special "children's church" program. When the kids came to us, they heard the story of "The Box", made tissue paper flowers for the cross and wrote in Thank You cards for our heroes serving overseas. It was lots of fun.

Then we came home, had lunch - then the EASTER EGG HUNT! The boys couldn't wait! Jeff went outside and hid 20 candy-filled eggs for each of them. Actually, two eggs contained $5 each and were labeled with their names. They had a blast running all over the front and back yard looking for the eggs.

We had perfect weather and the trees and flowers were absolutely beautiful. Later, Drew went to a friend's house for a sleepover and Gabe played outside. He has always loved to swing.

Hope your Easter was a blessing, too! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!!

I really don't like April Fool's Day. Never have. I always fall for the joke. I have never been good at playing the jokes on someone else. But I have to tell you that Gabe got me today and it was really funny!

(Just some background for those of you without kids, if he gets a letter below a line on a weekly chart, he wasn't following directions, or something along those lines in class. "F" for not following directions; "H" for not having homework, etc. Conversely, if he gets all letters above the line, it's a good thing. Gabe has gotten a couple of letters below the line lately.)

As he hops in the car after school I ask him how his day was. He tells me (very serious-like) that he got a letter below the line today.  I said "Aww, Gabe. What happened?" and of course he yells "April Fools!" He was so proud of himself because he came up with that all on his own! He was so funny! He then got Jeff and Drew with that same joke.

Hope you had a wonderful April Fools Day!