Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My One Little Word for 2013. What? You haven't heard of One Little Word? Where have you been hiding?? Really, Google it and see what you come up with. I don't know who really started it but I first heard about it several years ago from a scrapbook/creative artist named Ali Edwards.

Anyway, it's a pretty neat concept. You pick one little word (obviously!) to sort of focus on for the year. A word that you will be able to come back to all year long. A word that will help to ground you. This year I have chosen GROW.

I hadn't really planned to pick a word this year. I have picked a word in the past. Not every year. And sometimes I picked but simply didn't share it. But I was asked to serve on a committee at church for the next 3 years and the chairperson actually asked us all to pick a word. I sorta got excited because I didn't think anyone else really did that. Just us creative people. I'm not sure why I thought it was like a secret club just for artsy folk. Anyone can do it. So I started thinking.

I decided on 'grow' because I hope to grow closer to God by following a challenge put forth by my pastor to read a chapter a day in my bible.

I hope to grow more knowledgable about my church and how certain things happen.

I hope to grow in my creative life.

I hope to grow healthier so I've joined a gym and am trying to eat better.

My children are growing and I simply hope to survive. (I mostly have the 14 year old in mind here!)

I am in a marriage small group at church so I hope to grow as a spouse and friend.

So, maybe by "putting it down on paper" and sharing it with anyone who cares to read this, I'll achieve these small but significant steps this year. Grow.

Monday, January 14, 2013


So I'm working on a canvas for next Sunday's service and I want to try a new technique. It involves splattering paint which I've never done. So I grabbed a new canvas, paints and the boys and I had fun!