Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Tags!

Just a quick posting of more tags I have made. These will be posted in my Etsy store soon and available for sale at my lss, Scrapbooks & Etc.

Clicking on any picture should enlarge the photo. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School days, school days, it's the golden rule days!

School started back today! Yay! I still can't believe that I now have a middle schooler. How can Drew possibly be old enough to be in 6th grade? Wasn't he just born about a week ago?!

Anyway, today was the first day of middle school. Drew's best buddy, Gabe L. will be dropped off at my house and I will take him and Drew to school every morning. They were both over-the-top excited this morning! Here is a picture taken this morning of the two 6th graders.

Here is their self-portrait taken in the car waiting to go into school.

Drew and Gabe L. have been the best of friends since the first day of preschool. They spent 2 years in preschool together but haven't been at the same school since. So, they are so excited to not only be in the same school but have 2 classes and lunch together! I'm am praying this will be a wonderful year for them both.

My Gabe started 2nd grade today. He is NOT excited about it at all! But he hopped right out of the car this morning and went into the school all by himself. Here he is with Drew and Gabe L.
He has a good teacher and assistant and his class isn't far from the doors so she doesn't have to walk too far to get to his room. We already know of several people he in his class that he knows. He's a little nervous because he doesn't have his big brother there this year. Again, I'm praying for a wonderful year for him.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shooting stars, fishing and floating

School starts back next week. 7 days to be exact. I could tell you the hours and minutes but that might sound like I'm counting down. Wouldn't want to give that impression! (wink wink!)

Jeff is on vacation this week so we had the opportunity to take one last mini-vacation before school starts. We spent 4 days at the New River. It was wonderful and relaxing and we didn't want to leave. The first night there was all stayed up late to watch a meteor shower. Wasn't much of a "shower". More like a drizzle. But we saw some impressive ones. And it was just fun to sit out under the stars and wonder at God's amazing handiwork. We don't do that often enough.  This pic was taken at some point over the weekend, not the night of the meteors.

The next day, some friends came up for the day. We played in the river and went fishing and had dinner. Then they had to head back home. Hopefully they will be able to come back and stay longer next time. The boys all had so much fun playing in the river.

We all went fishing the next day. No one caught anything but river weeds but we still had fun. Jeff probably spent more time fishing than anyone. He never used to be into fishing but this year he even bought us fishing licenses'. I have enjoyed it as well. It's actually very relaxing and something we can all do together. The boys like to switch between fishing and throwing rocks in the river. What is it about water and rocks that boys just can't resist? Drew and Gabe spent a long time just throwing rocks, sometimes at each other, mostly at the reeds and grass growing out of the river, sometimes at the rapids. I'm sure the splashing wasn't helping Jeff catch any fish but they were having fun so no one seemed to mind.

We also went on a quick float trip down the river. Wendy drove Drew and the floats a short distance down the road and dropped them off, then came back for me, Jeff and Gabe. It was only about a 10 minute float trip down the river back to Wendy's house but it was fun. We went over some little rapids, got stuck on some rocks and saw some wildlife. Wendy and David are going to investigate a longer trip soon so we hope to do that next time. This was more of a "trial run" for the boys. Gabe was very nervous about it at first but after about 2 minutes he was loving it.

Here is the blue heron we saw all weekend long.
Hope you have had a wonderful, fun-filled summer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, what a find!!

I'm back from spending the weekend at the New River. We had lots of fun. We went fishing, tubing and ate lots of good food. We even watch a meteor shower! But I'll post pictures of our fun later. Here is what I really wanted to share with all my crafty friends. On our way home we stopped at Fancy Gap Pottery & Fabric Outlet. Boy, did I score!

I got 6 different trims, about 110 old and fabric covered buttons, some iron-ons, charms and finding, fabric quarters, cloth flower stems and a huge remnant of muslin all for $22! One of the trims was only $.15 a yard!

If you are ever up that way, you should stop in. It's at exit 8 off of 77.

Check back later for pictures of our adventures from this past weekend and pictures of more tags I made last week.

Go create something!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tags!! My new obsession.

Yep, tags. As in scrapbooking embellishments. Actually, you could use them in many different ways. They could dress up a gift. Or they would be beautiful on a card. They are so fun to make and the best part is they are mostly made from SCRAPS!! You know I love that!

Here are my first 2 sets of tags. I have also started an store if you are interested in purchasing them.

This first set is my favorite! It's so pretty and romantic. I used lace and bling and handmade roses. The die cuts shapes are from The Girl's Paperie.

This set is Pirate themed! It would be great for a pirate birthday layout or even as gift tags on the presents. I used coordinating paper and stickers from Creative Imaginations and several elements from Tim Holtz like grungeboard shapes and metal embellishments.

I am making more tags to post in my etsy shop as well as sell in my lss.

Please visit my SHOP to see close ups of each tag.
Thank you for looking!