Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy 4th of July! We started with the parade. It's a tradition that we join our close friends to watch the parade every year. This year we also had our new neighbors join us for the fun. There was the color guard at the beginning -

Then the horses!

The kids get tons of candy thrown by each float. (Even Michel was collecting some candy!)

And there is always the fun of watching Michel and Jeff pick on each other!

Love spending the 4th with my friends!

Hope your holiday was just as fun!


Anonymous said...

As always you are rockin' my Amy!! Great Pics.....can't wait for the lates fish pics of the coolest mom in the world!!
Love ya'll

Larry said...

Great pics..both of the parade and the fishing...can't wait 'till I get up there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not including the picture you took of me during the parade. I'm glad there's no record of crippled old me running after some silly plastic beads.

Love ya,