Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big July 4th Guided Fishing Trip!

Wendy's husband, David had a wonderful idea. Since we were going to be at their house on the New River the weekend of July 4th, he wanted to take Drew on a guided fishing tour. This is where you drive to Tangent Outfitters, get on one of their boats with a fishing guide, and he takes you out on the river so you can fish. They know the best places to fish and provide tips and assistance if needed. It's an all day adventure.

Drew was very excited about this idea. They left the house at 7:30am. Wendy and I didn't hear from them all day. And it about drove us crazy! We couldn't wait to find out how it went! Well, finally they returned at 6:30pm. Drew had so much fun! He caught 16 fish, the longest being around 15 inches. I asked David if he thought Drew got bored at any point. He said that Drew was casting his line until they pulled the boat out of the water. And he's ready to do it again!
Drew got to sit in the front of the boat so the guide could help him.

Casting his line out. David bought him a nice fishing pole and his own fishing hat.

Here is the "master fisherman" with one of his prized catches! (Notice he won't touch it!)

And here is his Uncle David with his own catch of the day. All total, they caught around 43 fish. A great day!

We finished out our day with a ride in the Man Buggy down to the neighbor's house. They were having a huge party with lots of family and friends. We stayed to watch the fireworks and the boys got to play with sparklers. Drew even got to set off several Roman Candles. That scared me just a bit! Everyone had fun and are now safely tucked into bed. I hope you had a fabulous 4th, too!


Wendy said...

It's been an awesome 4th of July holiday weekend. I only wish that Dad and Jeff could have joined us. I hope next July 4th we can make that happen!

Pam said...

Go Drew! Glad you have fun with Uncle David!!!!

Dixie Cochran said...

That's a lot of fish!