Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baa Moo Farm!

Today I spent the day with the Gabe's first grade class at the Baa Moo Farm! In case you haven't been it's a wonderful farm near Statesville that has lots of things to see and do. The kids got to milk a cow, gather eggs, go on a wagon ride, and pet lots of animals. Here are a few pictures from our adventure!

There were lots of baby animals, including brand new kittens. All the kids loved the kittens! There was even a Peacock who displayed his feathers for us. Okay, maybe he was displaying them for the peahen who was in the pin with him.

When it was time to milk the cow, the lady helping told all the kids to sit a certain way on the stool and be prepared to jump up and run if the cow kicks. I think that talked several kids out of milking the cow! And she had to jerk several kids out of the way of the cow's back hoof. Anyway, Gabe wanted nothing to do with any of it. His teacher finally talked him into just sitting on the stool - and of course the cow kicked! The lady got him out of the way and I'm not even sure he knew what happened but he just wanted away from that cow.

Gabe didn't mind feeding the baby calves their bottle. They could be a little pushy but they were so cute.

Everyone had a wonderful time.

Thank you Baa Moo Farms!

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