Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!!

I really don't like April Fool's Day. Never have. I always fall for the joke. I have never been good at playing the jokes on someone else. But I have to tell you that Gabe got me today and it was really funny!

(Just some background for those of you without kids, if he gets a letter below a line on a weekly chart, he wasn't following directions, or something along those lines in class. "F" for not following directions; "H" for not having homework, etc. Conversely, if he gets all letters above the line, it's a good thing. Gabe has gotten a couple of letters below the line lately.)

As he hops in the car after school I ask him how his day was. He tells me (very serious-like) that he got a letter below the line today.  I said "Aww, Gabe. What happened?" and of course he yells "April Fools!" He was so proud of himself because he came up with that all on his own! He was so funny! He then got Jeff and Drew with that same joke.

Hope you had a wonderful April Fools Day!

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