Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am having so much fun making my own stamps from the Speedball Stamp kit that came in January’s Mixed Media Kit from Scarlet Lime! I have made a total of 5 stamps with the one block of rubber (or whatever that pink stuff is!) that was included in the starter kit. My favorite would have to be the positive and negative tulip stamps. Love how they turned out!

02 01 12_184002 01 12_1841

02 01 12_1842

You can order the stamp kit from Christy Tomlinson’s shop. The stamps are super easy to make. The block carves like butter with the 2 carving tips included. Just be sure to give your stamp some thought before you start carving.


Dixie Cochran said...

I'm impressed! I've seen those stamp kits, and there's no way I could do that. Yours are beautimous!

Wendy said...

OK, very cool that you've made your own stamps! Love your tulip