Monday, December 6, 2010

No way!

Has it really been almost a month since I blogged about getting away for the weekend?! Yikes! I want time to slow down. It's moving way too fast for me to keep up. Speaking of time flying by, my oldest is about to turn 12. I can't believe it. I know that 12 is still so young but at the same time, how can he already be 12!?!?

Anyway, let's get caught up on the past month. When last we "spoke" I was at my sister's house in VA for a little "me time". I returned so refreshed and stress-free (other than a cold/sinus infection. Yuck!) Then it was time to begin thinking about Thanksgiving.

This year, Wendy decided to have Thanksgiving at her VA house with both sides of her family. It was a wonderful weekend. The food was amazing and the company was fun. We ate, played games, ate, stayed up late, ate, and shot guns. Oh, and we ate some really good food!

This past Friday night was the last crop night at my LSS. It will be closing soon. I'm so sad. I have known Traci, the owner since she opened 4 1/2 years ago. It's been such fun to work for her, teach classes, and make many new friends. I hope we don't all lose touch. We made the last crop night a party. Lots of people brought food. Several were there from the time she opened that morning until midnight. There was good food, drinks and lots of laughs. Oh, and we all got a little scrapbooking done! Thank you, Traci for all your hard work. It was truly a special time for me and a privilege to get to work for you and with you.

Now it's time to think about Drew's birthday. He will be turning 12 and he can't wait. I can't believe I will have a teenager in only one year. Scary. But he's a great kid, doing well in school and growing up everyday. For his birthday, we are going to take him and a few friends to see Harry Potter, then have cake and open presents at home. I'll be sure to post a few pictures.

After that will be Christmas. We decorated the house this past weekend and most of my shopping is done. Yay! I need to begin signing Christmas cards (handmade again this year) and wrap a few things. It certainly feels like winter around here. Temps are in the 40s.

On the 16th, Jeff will have knee surgery and then be home for 8 weeks. He's not one to sit around and do nothing. This should be interesting!

That about catches you up on the Patterson's. Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Wendy said...

Great update! I need to do the same with my blog.

Will be keeping good thoughts for Jeff's surgery and recovery period for both him and YOU! LOL

Hard for me to believe too, that you have a 12 yr old kid. Wasn't he just at that cute age of 2 or 3 yrs old? ;-)